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I’m IN!!!!
July 15, 2009

So, i emailed the ASO to find out when the entry list would be published on the website and when we would know if we got in and the reply was:

Dear Jones

We will send the confirmation for the next week.  There isn’t problems for you to go to you receive by mail next week your confirmation of participation.  The entry list will be on website about November.

Best Wishes

Now im interpreting that to mean ive got and entry, so im celebrating anyway. 

Cycled 25k on road tonight, im not used to cycling on the road at all as all my experience is cross country or downhill.  Kinda enjoyed it, not really sure it’s my thing though.  Steve Haig who completed the DAKAR twice told me that he used to get up at 4am for a 2hr road ride and do the same in the evening.  I can see his point to get used to the early mornings and it must work as he finished both times.  Fitness wise im going to contact the Motorcycle team in the army and ask the for advice on a training programme.  I’ve looked about and cant find anything specific for the Dakar. Also found a great 09 450 on ebay so hopefully will go and look at it at the weekend.  I could do with sorting the bike out before i go to do the Isle of Man 2day next week as straight after i am going to work at the BM school for 5 days and time is of the essence. X



Training going well
July 14, 2009

1st lady at Welsh 2 day enduro
1st lady at Welsh 2 day enduro

During the last month training has been going v well with lots of long enduro races, trail riding and working at the BMW school.  At the end of June i did the Welsh 2 day, first day was sunny and dry, second day dry in the morning and poured it down in the afternoon which made it v interesting for the experts and championship riders on the grassy special test.   I managed to get 1st lady and came away with a lovely cut glass vase which i am waiting to be given some flowers to put in.  Straight after me and boyfriend Chris headed down South to to the SCEC Hare and Hounds race at Shillingford Forest.  I had a good battle with Clare Taylor and just managed to finish in the lead.  Powys enduro was the next Sunday which was wet, boggy and muddy but a great full day Welsh enduro.

Trail rode up near Barbury Castle in Swindon last Weds eve with a mate Pete and then drove up to teach at the BMW off road skills school for 5 days.  feelin it now though and having a day at home sorting out computer and paperwork which sooner or later we all have to do aye!!!
Entry list should be out on the DAKAR website soon, feeling pretty relaxed about it all at the mo but as soon as i see my name down im sure it’ll be a different story.  Im cycling from John O Groats to Lands End at the end of Oct with a friend Kate in fitness preparation.  She’s been out doing 50 mile loops so i better get my arse in gear.