Isle of Man 2 day enduro and trail riding adventure


So me and my boyfriend Chris ventured back to the Isle of Man for the 2 day enduro.  Last year i managed to hit a car on the second day.  It was a road section and hacking in down with rain, i turned a corner and a guy was coming out of his drive, we had eye contact and he stopped so i carried on and then he pulled out.  It was a narrow lane to i had no where to go so i hit the front of the car, flew about 10ft in the air and landed like a sack of potatoes.  It was horrible, luckily i wasnt injured, apart from a broken nail.  My brand new KTM 300 wasnt so lucky and ended up with a flattened exhaust and other ailments.  So back to face the demons.

Day one of the race was one of the hardest days enduro riding ive had.  The sections were tight forestry sections which were relentless and you couldnt get a flow going, the first special test was like something out of Romaniacs with steep grassy wet downhills, off camber, sharp climbs and a rock garden, the second test was quite nice and started with you riding down a stream, over logs and tyres and a motorcross track.    It was a 3 lap race with a nasty tight section which took you through a rutty heather section with loads of mud holes and another tight forest with deep ruts and big roots.  At the bottom of one hill i sat for a while watching everyone struggle over this huge log nr the top.  NASTY!!!


The heavens opened on the second day and we knew it was gonna be tough.  When we arrived in the morning we were told they had shortened it by a lap.  YES, there is a god!!!  It was still tough but i managed to finish.  16th Clubman.  My boyfriend Chris finished 6th Expert, so good on him.  50% didnt finish.

We stayed for a few days after and did some lovely trailriding with our friend Charles, we had to make a few bridges to get over some boggy sections. 


 Also,  thanks to  Mark from the Isle of Man  for showing us some awesome trails.


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