Alice and Ethel: Day 3

For those of you who don’t already know, the reason why me and Kate decided to do the bike ride from John O’Groats to Lands End was to raise money for the altzeimers society. Both of our grandma’s (Alice and Ethel) had the awful disease. As i have already mentioned I had to join the ride late due to getting the bike ready for the Dakar.

Day 3 started on the A666 and a trip to the crematorium where Kate’s nans ashes were spread, it was abit off the route but it needed to be done and it was kinda nice as we reminised about all of our grandparents. My grandad died a couple of years ago and I still really miss him. He used to run cross country for Great Britian and helped to set up the Youth Service so to me he was an inspiration.

As we left the crem the weather really dropped and out came the gimp masks. (Kate had made me buy this horrible neoprine balaclava and id told her id never wear it but it was so bloody cold i relented, at least they’ll be none of that in S. America). We were heading to Maccelsfield and been given directions to take us on a flat 60ish mile ride. Anyway an hour later we were on the hill of hell, freezing with a head wind and it went on for ever, after about 15 mins of going up there was a Welcome to the Lankeshire Hill country sign. “This ain’t bloody flat!”. On we battled, me still with 2 heavy panniers we had decided to drop off that evening. It took forever but luckily at the top of the hour hill of hell someone had dumped a bath, so after a quick laydown we got on our way.

Having a bath

The rest of the day was hard work, I’ve had a problem with my siatic nerve the last couple of weeks and it was playing up, plus my right knee was beginning to give me gyp and my saddle is so bloody hard…….say no more. We ended up riding in the dark. I had arranged to meet my dad at a pub near Kate’s aunties and couldn’t wait to see him. I was quite suprised how much a text from a friend or seeing someone I care about really lifted me as normally I can kinda just get by on my own.

Shrewsbury tommorow at an old Downhill Mountain Bike m8’s house Richard Cunningham (Cunny) Cool name aye, but he doen t know the Fonz.

T xx


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