After we,d picked up my wallet which i’d left at the fuel station the night before we headed off on our 60 mile trip to Shrewsbury.  It was a lovely sunny day and we took mostly country roads – V.Nice.  Nothing really to report apart it felt like a really long day and got very cold towards the end where Kate had put in the wrong post code so we ended up a few miles from Cunnys house (a friend who we were staying with).  Kindly he came to pick us up.  He’s an old downhill mountain bike pal and the last time i saw him was at the first World Cup in Fort William at the party which got really out of hand afterwards and lots of heyhem went on.  It was one of my biggest achievements to qualify to race the World Cup and even though i came 22nd it was a great experience.  We’re off to stay at our friend Megan and Mikeys in Monmouth tommorow, they are a fantastic couple and helped me out when i split with my ex boyfriend.  Mikey is the editor of Dirt Mountain Bike mag and im gonna try and get some old photos off him.

Going to have some tea now – Salmon pasta i thing mmmmm


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