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The Sunday Times
December 18, 2009

Hi all, this has to be a quicky as im going to start packing and then think about what the hell i’m going to get everyone for crimbo.

I had the photo shoot for the Sunday Times today so got myself down to Wapping.  They wanted to glamourous looking shots so they did my hair and makeup.  It felt wierd being in my motorbike kit whilst looking like i was going to get married but anyways i think they got some good shots.  James from the Sunday Times is going to call me when im on the rally so look out for the article whilst the rally is on.

Yesterday they did a shoot with Evil Kinevals son and i gutted i didnt meet him.  Apparently he wants to do a gig at Wembley jumping 3 more buses that his dad, i think he’s struggling with the Health and Safety aspect and he wants to do it on a Harley Davidson (same as his dad) – CRACKERS!!!!

Still keeping on the strength training, rode last Wednesday for a couple of hours but i think that’s it now before the big race.  I was suffering with nerves last week but i feel alright at the moment – Roll on the 28th.

Merry Christmas to you all XXXXXX


Kiwis track and half a marathon
December 9, 2009

I think it has all caught up with me and i felt really ill  and run down this morning.  I rode at Kiwis track nr Rendlesham yesterday and felt really fit but this morning i woke up and felt like i was coming down with something.  I havent stopped really since before starting to build the bike, as soon as it was done i went on the cycle ride then straight to the bike show.  Anyways decided to have a rest today, until about 2pm when i’d had enough of having a rest and thought i’d try and sweat it out by going for a run, then i decided i’d see if i could run a half marathon.    I managed to do it and it was relatively easy so the fitness training must be working. 

With 3 weeks to go it’s pretty important to get the training right and build myself up so gonna start eating alot of good food, drinking more water and resting properly and try to avoid driving if i can as that makes me really tired.  

Had a call from the Times today they are going to run a feature throughout the Dakar and we’ve arranged to have a phone interview whilst i’m out there – Cool!!!  My dad will be chuffed with that.

Bikes gone what now?
December 7, 2009

So my lovely rally bike with lucky number 131 is sailing its way to South America at the mo.  I leave on the 28th so not long really.  Just been to the dr this morning as having sciatic nerve problems in my left leg, he just gave me some anti – imflamitories and said to keep it warm, also going to give blood this arvo so i can find out my blood group.

Still need to buy a few bits and bobs, still need to raise another 5K but got a loan this morning to cover it for now.  This race really is much more expensive that you can imagine but i feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do this.  I sold my KTM last week to get some extra cash – it was really quite sad as im quite attached to it.  Tommorow and Wednesday Kiwi has kindly offered to lend me one of his Yamahas to train on as i am now bikeless and them im off up to the BMW off road skills school for our staff training, christmas party and staff ride out so at least i’ll get some practise in.

Still doing lots of stretching and strength training but going to slow down on the cardio and still recovering from the bike ride.  There is an atricle about the bike in this months TBM – Check it out x

Finishing the bike ride
December 7, 2009

We took 3 and a half days from Monmouth to Lands End.  Monmouth – Taunton, Taunton – Okehampton, Okehampton to St Ives and then St – Ives to Lands End.  The weather wasn’t that good and from Taunton to Okehampton was a nightmare, it rained all day and because we took a few b roads the hills were really steep and my knee started to hurt.  The last 10 miles of that day i walked as there was no way i wanted to jepodise the Dakar with an injury.  After i rested it abit it was Ok to ride the next day.  We decided to take a short cut across the Avon Bridge and couldnt find a cycle path so decided to save time we’d nip across on the M5.  Yes, we did get caught and yes it was well embarrsing, they actually caught us when we’d found the cycle track on the bridge but it was over quite a high barrier and we were lifting the bikes over.  I think they took pity on us as the weather was soo bad and let us off.

It was a relief to get to Lands End we had been cycling about 80 miles per day, the longest being 86 miles.  We’d been abit restricted with it getting dark about 4pm but we made it.  Fair play to Kate who’d done the whole ride from John O’ Groats – She’s planning to do it again in the summer, i never want to see a moutain bike again.  We had alot of support and places to stay during the trip so thanks to everyone who helped us out, rode with us and made us cups of tea.