Bikes gone what now?

So my lovely rally bike with lucky number 131 is sailing its way to South America at the mo.  I leave on the 28th so not long really.  Just been to the dr this morning as having sciatic nerve problems in my left leg, he just gave me some anti – imflamitories and said to keep it warm, also going to give blood this arvo so i can find out my blood group.

Still need to buy a few bits and bobs, still need to raise another 5K but got a loan this morning to cover it for now.  This race really is much more expensive that you can imagine but i feel extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do this.  I sold my KTM last week to get some extra cash – it was really quite sad as im quite attached to it.  Tommorow and Wednesday Kiwi has kindly offered to lend me one of his Yamahas to train on as i am now bikeless and them im off up to the BMW off road skills school for our staff training, christmas party and staff ride out so at least i’ll get some practise in.

Still doing lots of stretching and strength training but going to slow down on the cardio and still recovering from the bike ride.  There is an atricle about the bike in this months TBM – Check it out x


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