Kiwis track and half a marathon

I think it has all caught up with me and i felt really ill  and run down this morning.  I rode at Kiwis track nr Rendlesham yesterday and felt really fit but this morning i woke up and felt like i was coming down with something.  I havent stopped really since before starting to build the bike, as soon as it was done i went on the cycle ride then straight to the bike show.  Anyways decided to have a rest today, until about 2pm when i’d had enough of having a rest and thought i’d try and sweat it out by going for a run, then i decided i’d see if i could run a half marathon.    I managed to do it and it was relatively easy so the fitness training must be working. 

With 3 weeks to go it’s pretty important to get the training right and build myself up so gonna start eating alot of good food, drinking more water and resting properly and try to avoid driving if i can as that makes me really tired.  

Had a call from the Times today they are going to run a feature throughout the Dakar and we’ve arranged to have a phone interview whilst i’m out there – Cool!!!  My dad will be chuffed with that.


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