The Sunday Times

Hi all, this has to be a quicky as im going to start packing and then think about what the hell i’m going to get everyone for crimbo.

I had the photo shoot for the Sunday Times today so got myself down to Wapping.  They wanted to glamourous looking shots so they did my hair and makeup.  It felt wierd being in my motorbike kit whilst looking like i was going to get married but anyways i think they got some good shots.  James from the Sunday Times is going to call me when im on the rally so look out for the article whilst the rally is on.

Yesterday they did a shoot with Evil Kinevals son and i gutted i didnt meet him.  Apparently he wants to do a gig at Wembley jumping 3 more buses that his dad, i think he’s struggling with the Health and Safety aspect and he wants to do it on a Harley Davidson (same as his dad) – CRACKERS!!!!

Still keeping on the strength training, rode last Wednesday for a couple of hours but i think that’s it now before the big race.  I was suffering with nerves last week but i feel alright at the moment – Roll on the 28th.

Merry Christmas to you all XXXXXX


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