Friday 12th

June 12, 2009 - One Response

Andrew finished the website today so gonna start sending details out tommorow.  The DAKAR organisers have recently announced that the bike class is going to be restricted to 450ccs.  As far am im aware in 2010 we will still be able to ride the bigger bikes but they will have to have a restrictor on them.  I was going to go for a KTM 525 but seriouly considering going for a 450 yam as ive ridden one in the desert before with a big tank and it was lovely.  Plan to have the bike bought by the end of July then Patsy Quick is going to help me build it up.

Training this week has been a couple of 2 hour runs, rebuiling a KTM 300 engine as it seized on a trailride in Wales a couple of weekends ago, so this weekend im gonna run it in on a trailride to Barbury Castle Swindon with my mate Alan James.


Tamsin starts the road to Dakar….

May 19, 2009 - One Response

So here goes.  Just about to enter the biggest race on my life.  Thanks for expressing an interest and showing your support.  My friend is sorting out a website at the mo with lots more info so thats coming soon.  I’ll update this weekly with what im doing training wise and other info.  

Off to Ashdown motorcross track training tommorow, London xtreme track on Thursday eve, working at BMW off road skills Fri and Sat, riding in Wales on Sun – Busy, busy!!!!  Hopefully starting as i mean to go on.

Love T xxx